Tech Info


Owner / Talent Buyer:
Peter Olen
[email protected]

FOH / Production Manager:
Derren Carter
[email protected]

Venue Details

Conduit (6700 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 32792) is a 350-capacity room located in eastern Orlando (Winter Park). Though a metal and punk focused venue, Conduit hosts everything from hip hop and pop music, to seated events and daytime markets.


Bands should park directly to the right of the venue (against the chain fence). Bands can park as early as needed and stay as late as needed. Please make sure to not block any traffic moving through the plaza and please do not leave trash on the side of the building.

Stage Dimensions and Load in

The stage is 16×24 (banner height is 7’). There is also a permanent drum riser that measures 9×8. There is a ramp to stage on stage left. Bands load directly through the front door by the ramp. Depending on carried and local support, deads and additional gear can be stored on either side of the stage (though please do not block any of the doorways):

Audio and Lighting Specs

For audio:
– Full sized X32 at FOH, fed by two 16 x 8 stage boxes over Cat-5e
– Two, 16 channel analog stage boxes on stage
– Five, ZLX 15″ powered speakers for monitors
– DBX crossover feeding four Behringer NX6000 amps and one NX1000 amp
– Two JBL SRX tops and two JBL SRX subs per side

For lighting:
– 40 LED par cans driven by a laptop running EMU
– 3 pin drop available at FOH

As additional notes,
– The venue does not contain a barricade of any sort
– The venue does not allow fire
– The venue does allow fog or haze (though we do not have an in-house fog machine)
– Although FOH can help run basic lighting for bands, there is no dedicated LDV

Green Room & Surrounding Options

There is a small green room to the left of the stage. There is an external door that leads directly into the green room as well.

The venue lives directly next to an excellent pizza joint and a laundry mat (what more could you want?). An Aldi and Aces Hardware are further down the plaza (as well as additional dining). Unfortunately, there are no hotels close to the venue (i.e., within walking distance).